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Lions first preseason game vs Browns!

I watched the Lions first preseason game vs Browns and there were def some things that we need help in, but there were also alot of postives at least in my opinion.

First off I thought the absence of Mikel Leshoure and Jahvid Best wasn't a problem at all, because Keiland Williams, and Joique Bell stepped up BIG!! Joique ran the ball over and through the defense and I know it was only a preseason game against the lowly Browns but he showed he could handle a bigger role on the offense and I hope he gets his shot on our roster. Keiland Williams Also ran really well and showed he could tote the rock several times in the game and have success. Kevin Smith also did a bang up job.

Jahvid has been out for awhile and I'm starting to wonder if we shouldn't just trade him and move on with Leshoure, Smith, and Bell. Thats not what is going to happen because he is valueable to the passing game but idk he hasn't played a full season since I believe his rookie year.

Megatron did what he does and that's DOMINATE the defense! Burleson and Young they are going to be great options in the passing game this year, and broyles when he comes back I think he will be a great addition. I also thought Stovall from ND played very well on special teams but also in the passing game. Stefan Logan had a good Touchdown catch as well.

The offense line held their own against the Improved Browns D, I can't remember if they sacked Stafford or not, I dont think they did, but our first team offense was alittle out of synch for the first game. I have dogged Jeff Backus time and again as well as Raiola but every year they hold their own. Rob Sims is also a good option for us at LG, at Right Tackle I know Cherilus is having a "good" camp but it's also the last year of his current rookie deal, and im sure he wants to get paid, but I thought although seeing him just in one game that Riley Reiff is already the man to take the right tackle spot, he was a force in the run game, and was effcient in pass blocking as well, maybe they will move Cherilus to RG because he might be a better fit idk.

The most impressive part of our team even for just one game was the defensive line, these guys controlled the trenches all game!! Even our 2nd and 3rd team guys got after it. Even with no Avril for this game which is scary for the other team when he comes back. LoJack, Young, E. Brown, Suh, T Robertson played so well constantly making life in the pocket difficult for Brandon Weeden, Colt McCoy, and Seneca Wallace. The most surprising guy has to be Everette Brown, a former 1st round draft pick of the Panthers never really got it going with Carolina, played in San Diego for a seaon, then we signed him a FA. The only problem is we are LOADED with talent at defense end so I dont know if we even have room for him. As far as Suh look for a focused and committed Suh that gets after it on the field and in production. Fairley I think will be solid for us as well, and Young I dont know what else this kid can do to earn more time, the man is a beast at rushing the passer with his great speed, coming out of the 7th round a couple years ago I wasnt sure what he would bring to the table, but Mayhew still is proving the man can DRAFT! Mayhew also snatched R. Lewis out of the draft I believe the 4th round, this kid was relentless all game getting around the tackle with ease on most plays, and showing the ability to stop the run too, as well as his normal work on special teams.

Our Linebackers are returning all 3 starters from last year: Levy, Durant, and Tulloch. But the talk of the training camp has been rookies Travis Lewis, and Tahir Whitehead. These guys have fit into our defense well and project as solid backups coming in to spell the starters at times. Lewis showed command of the defense and was all over the field. Whitehead has had a great training camp and looks to backup durant or levy at outside linebacker. The other linebackers A. Palmer and D. Hogue will also vie for backup spots as well with Ronnell Lewis playing some linebacker as well according to multiple sources. Back to Whitehead I remember when we drafted him everyone at the draft table ridiculed this pick and said he would be cut in no time, well as they were with Willie Young, and soo many others they were WRONG!

Now one of more disappointing parts of my post the Secondary.

Chris Houston was solid, but was beat a few times, A. Smith who started still won't turn and look for the ball when its in the air and got burned alot, we should be the nickle or dime at best, but after we cut berry I guess no one stepped up. Jonte Green has a ways to go before he makes any real impact on our starting defense he was beat and didn't turn and look for the ball on several passes. Chris Greenwood didn't play but I wanna see this kid play in preseason, I think with right coaching and a few years of the nfl will do him alot of good. Bill Bentley I was really ready to see play live, and he didnt disappoint, yes he did drop a potential pick six, and got burned on a long ball to T. Benjamin, but he showed good coverage skills and mirrored every reciever he faced and had an interception, this kid is going to be a good corner possibly great in the future.

Now for our safties, I heard on several sights that John Wendling has leapfrogged Amari Speivey and is one of the starting safties next to Louis Delmas------ That scares me he is a special teams guy his whole career NOT a starting safety in the NFL, as far a Speviey im disappointed that he hasn't progressed in his career enough to become a consistent starting safety, Im not giving up on him but it seems as though right now he is not ready for the spotlight. Sean Jones to me looked downright AWFUL, and Ricardo Silva looked not ready for a bigger role.

Well I know it was a long post but if you guys remember me, all my posts are like that.

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Posted on: July 3, 2010 1:40 pm

GREAT, EXCELLENT job Mr. Martin Mayhew!!!

I have to say this man is the MAN!!! He has pulled off some trades i didnt even know were possible. Here is my preview of the 2010 detroit Lions, and im exciting, also what i think they will do.

QB- were set with Matthew Stafford, this kid is the real deal, just needs more time in the pocket and cut down on his ints and he will be a star. Shaun Hill- a Great pickup as a backup, and for a mere 7th round pick, has plenty of experience starting

RB- All i can say is i cant wait for Jahvid Best to torch someone with that 4.35 speed, also help us in the passing game and the return game, just has to stay out of trainers room. RB Kevin Smith coming off season ending injury, but this kid has grit! I think G Rob Sims will open more holes for him and best to run through. RB Aaron Brown this kid is going to be just fine, made some mistakes as a rookie, but has some great speed, and helps in the passing game. RB Maurice Morris even when all the other backs went down he carried the load for a game or two and was very sucessful.

WR- Calvin Johnson aka "megatron" need i say anymore, my early pick for the 2010 pro bowl my prediction: 80-90 catches 1300 yards 10 tds. WR Nate Burleson, i saw people dogging the lions for over paying him and yes they did over pay, but as i recall he was very sucessful in seattle when Deion Branch went down, he stepped up and caught 60 passes and 800 yards, you do that in detroit, and they will HAVE to cover him, taking ALOT of pressure off calvin johnson. WR Bryant Johnson was ok as a #2, but at this point i think he is a #3 or #4 receiver at best, he didnt take pressure off calvin johnson at all, but might fit better as a slot reciever. WR Derrick Williams idk what to think of this kid he came out of penn state with alot of press, but didnt show it on the field, might be best as a returner, but wasnt he benched several times? we will see how he pans out. WR Dennis Northcutt well he was ok as well, but is getting up there in age, and cant run like he used to anymore, but he had some ok games, at this point #4 receiver. AND my sleeper pick MR. Irrevelant himself WR Tim Toone, my pick to not only make the team, but in a couple of years a slot receiver or #4 wideout. cuts: WR Brian Clark, WR Bryant Johnson

TE- One of the most improved area that was already set, TE Brandon Pettigrew was starting to click with stafford, then he went down, i think once he returns they will pick up right were they left off, TE Tony Scheffler this kid made some great catches for denver, still dont understand why mcdaniels delt him, but its his loss and our great gain, will help stafford a great deal. TE Will Heller the forgotten one of the group but not from me he is a good blocking TE, but also made some nice catches for us last year.

Offensive line- LT Jeff Backus in my opinion has one more year to prove himself, which i dont think is going to happen, he gets bullrushed and its over for matt everytime, giving up 9 sacks is bad i dont care who you are. LG Rob Sims got him in a trade and i think he will be here longer than the one year he signed for, will stop that swinging door at LG, and open some nice running lanes. C Dominic Raiola the most consistent of all our lineman, just not all that strong for a center, but i like him and hopefully he finishes his career here. RG Stephen Peterman, i read a few magazines and they are finally giving him some love, he really has come a LONG way, and is pretty consistent for us, RT Gosder Cherilus I think he also has one more year to prove himself very inconsistent so far but you never know, bc i think T Jason Fox will challenge him a great deal in training camp

Comments are greatly appreciated defense outlook coming soon thanks
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Posted on: July 19, 2009 3:11 pm

2010 draft and free agency

So now that this years draft has passed us and we are looking foward to training camps, there is still one thing on my mind after this season. The 2010 draft! ALOT of really good defensive players in that draft and we need help at the following positions: Cornerback, possibly Free Safety, Defensive Tackle, Defensive End, Depth at Linebacker.

So here's my first round prediction MLB Brandon Spikes from Florida or that really great DT from Nebraska Suh

Yes Yes I know Know we JUST signed Larry Foote but he's up there in age and he only signed a one year deal, with spikes we would have a consistent LB for the next decade, FINALLY!!!

Or Schwartz could go D-Line help and get the DT from Nebraska if he is still there in the top five, we HAVE to get younger on the D-line, Grady Jackson is 36!, and Chuck Darby should NOT be starting!! Unless Sammie Lee Hill, or Andre Fluellen shows us something this year.

They might even draft there future LT, so Backus can be moved inside, but that depends on how first year starter Loper plays

2010 Free Agency---

I havnt seen the list of available FA's for next year anyone know?

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